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I was first introduced to Janet nearly three years ago through a referral provided from fellow members of HECA, an education consulting organization. I was seeking assistance with designing a new website for my own consulting business. Aside from my positive impression upon viewing her portfolio of work, I was impressed with her prompt response to my queries and genuine interest to work with me on my project.

I was quite specific and demanding with my requests, due to failed efforts to collaborate with previous web designers. Fortunately, Janet displayed plenty of patience and worked with me step-by-step to ultimately complete my project but also helped ensure that I could successfully manage and administer my site after she completed her work.

Not only did she help me create the new site, she also prepared easy to follow tutorials for navigating WordPress, for which I had no prior experience, and also assisted me with the design of my company logo. Janet provided quality service at a reasonable price, plus convenient, clear billing, even including payment options if needed. I can also approach her for advice when needed, and am confident she will be graciously willing to assist me.

I can’t say enough good things about our working relationship, which lasted for roughly one full year. I am proud to add that upon completion of our work together we have also become friends and occasionally find time to catch up in between our busy schedules. I am happy to recommend Janet without hesitation for anyone seeking assistance with all design-related matters.

Vinnie Apicella

Edge Consulting

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Shanghai EDGE Consulting offers personalized training for students to boost their skillset, prepare for exams, and maximize their potential to meet the demands of higher learning.
Founder & Director, Vinnie Apicella, is an experienced instructors, education consultant and author who recently published ESCAPE FROM AMERICA.

What We Did

We redesigned this massive 300+ page English and Chinese website using WordPress and WPML Translation Management. We also helped him create the eBook version of ESCAPE FROM AMERICA, as well as covers for both the English and Chinese version. And we designed a new logo in both English and Chinese.