Working with Janet over the past 6+ years has not only been very successful for us, but also a big blessing. Janet’s knowledge, experience and lightning-fast responsiveness, coupled with genuine client care and personal attention – anchored high-level business ethics and integrity – engender a solid, invaluable professional relationship.

At a challenging time, Janet smoothly assumed the multifaceted role of webmaster, astutely taking over our company’s IT reins at a crucial time. Among her notable accomplishments, Janet deftly navigated us through a complete, large-scale website renovation which was both gratifying and highly beneficial. Janet’s astute management of social media activities, coupled with skillful oversight of Amazon publishing activities, including interfacing with global clients, stand out as noteworthy brand assets of Third Eye Industries.

It is a pleasure and honor to know and work with such a dedicated professional and all-around wonderful individual.

L. Moritz

Ener-Chi Wellness Center, LLC


Andreas Moritz, author of 16 books, including The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation, and Cancer is Not a Disease!, opened the Ener-Chi Wellness Center to assist individuals in achieving optimal health and well-being of their body, mind and spirit. Their website is a place to purchase books by Andreas Moritz, Ener-Chi Art and wellness products, as well as a place for accessing free health information, articles and videos from Andreas.

What We Did

The Ener-Chi website needed a massive overhaul. With over 120 pages, 16 books, 7 wellness products, 33 art prints, 800 blog posts, this was a huge undertaking. Working closely with the CEO of the company, we decided on a new site structure, with information more neatly organized and more easily accessible. “The visual look of the site has been updated to reflect a new, attractive color palette that Andreas always loved – colors he felt sparked more life energy (or Chi) with pleasing hues of healing lavender and heart-centered purple.” – L.M., CEO

We also updated the Facebook page, which has over 29,000 likes, stated a Google+ page, and redesigned the newsletter, all reflecting the new look of the brand.